We are sure you have already heard of video resumes. What is that? How is it done? In today’s article we really want to talk about video curriculum and what are the things to do or to avoid to get a good result.

Before starting, let’s clarify immediately how ‘is a video resume. We are talking about a way to apply different from the traditional paper curriculum, which involves the use of a video.

It does not replace the simple and traditional curriculum vitae, but it complements it in all those cases in for which a video curriculum is expressly requested in the job offer, or in the case of a creative job in which the video curriculum can be appreciated and demonstrate skills, such as good looks, communication skills in the room, public speaking skills and so on .

This very innovative job search method allows you to integrate the classic paper resume and also show other aspects of our personality, such as our voice, our face and our gab.

This type of application is also able to optimize the timing of the application and to create a winning presentation that is the n able to impress the recruiter and whoever is in charge of selecting incoming applications.

So let’s see together how to make a video curriculum, what to do and what to say, what instead it is best avoided to make a winning presentation. We will see how it works and what are the possibilities to make it happen, as well as give you some ideas on what to do and what to say. Ready? So let’s get started!

Tips for Creating a Video Resume (and When You Need One)

Video Curriculum yes or no?

Let’s start by saying that video curriculum is not such an innovative tool: abroad, and in particular in the United States, this tool has already been widely used for many years, even for some types of jobs it is the actual practice. Just think of the world of YouTube and all the Youtubers who have made videos their job.

This method is now well established also in Italy and there is no doubt that it can lead with itself a long series of advantages.
The main advantages of making a video resume are:

  • Distinguish yourself from other candidates who have decided to make only a traditional CV
  • Demonstrate your communication skills
  • Demonstrate your personality and skills (for example proactivity, optimism or professionalism)
  • Prove proactive

A another big advantage of video resumes is that it can be very useful if you are applying for a job offer abroad. In this case, a video curriculum is often compulsorily required, both to verify your command of the required language, and to have a first contact and be seen not live but at least in the room. This is a method that has often revolutionized the selection phase and has made it easier and faster to choose a candidate.

A huge advantage of creating a video resume is therefore the speed of the selection process, which can certainly be more streamlined for recruiters.

Obviously, we would like to clarify that the video curriculum is not a format suitable for every type of job , it is suitable for those works that evolve with time and that are generally innovative and not too traditional.

You must also make sure that the video cv is very well done, otherwise this mode of candidacy could backfire on you.

If you use it to demonstrate your skills, it must live up to expectations. If you do something rough, it could make you look like a little detail-oriented candidate.

Which jobs are suitable for a video resume?

Of course, the video resume is less suitable for those who looking for a traditional job. We are talking about those old-fashioned jobs from the point of view of the candidate recruitment process. For example, for those who work in banks, for lawyers, teachers, doctors and all those more traditional jobs, for which it is advisable to follow a more traditional line regarding the application.

On the contrary, for the most creative jobs, in digital or in communication for example, making a video cv could be a decisive and winning move. Because? Obvious! You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your communication, creative, graphic or IT skills and competences.

But what to do when you are not sure that the company is advanced enough to accept the video CV? If you are not applying for a start-up and you are not sure that the company appreciates this form of application, an idea could be to insert a clickable link to your video CV in your traditional CV.

One more step to create your CV video could be to create a real website in which you can promote yourself as a professional.

But in practice, how to create a video resume?

Have you decided to make a video resume but you have no idea how to make it? No fear! Let’s move on to the practical part of the process together. How to make an effective video resume?

How to Make a Video Resume with Templates

Let’s first see what are the essential tools for creating a video resume:

  • Smartphone with a good camera or digital video camera
  • Good internet connection
  • Tripod or solution to support the device and record
  • Laptop or computer with an editing program to edit the video
  • Familiarity with editing and with the platforms to load the video

If you do not have these tools or are not familiar with these processes, but still need to create a video resume, you could also turn to those who do it professionally.

What to say in a video resume?

Since the video resume is a very creative form of communication, there is no real lineup of things to say or not to say in a video resume. Everyone can set it up as they see fit depending on their position, job offer or personal inclination.

Even if there is no pre-established lineup to follow, there are still some tips to follow to create an effective video resume. The first is to be absolutely yourself and not to take unnatural poses or say unsolicited phrases. You have to prepare a speech that yes, or better yet a list of points to say, but be careful not to read or make it appear that you are reading.

You must therefore introduce yourself, demonstrate your work experience and your qualifications and, in a few minutes “impress” the recruiter, a task that is not simple but certainly possible!

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