In case you have chosen to make use of the Europass curriculum vitae format, you will need to fill in several and numerous sections regarding your skills and abilities. To name just a few, we can name organizational skills and competences, communication skills and digital skills. For each of them, you have to write a handful of lines, in a concise but very effective way, to describe in great detail and also with the help of concrete examples, what our abilities are in that particular field.

In this post we give you some tips on how to set up the computer skills section in the CV.

We have considered the European curriculum vitae , but also in the case decide to use another type of curriculum, inserting your IT skills will be a must! So roll up your sleeves and start taking ideas on how to fill out your curriculum vitae in each section.

Competenze informatiche nel CV

Computer skills: which ones to include?

The CV is a very important document because represents the first contact that we can make with the company in which we apply, for this reason, it must be able to represent us at best, illustrating our professional and training path in detail, and at the same time it must be the shortest and most concise and possible.

At this point, you are surely wondering how to do it!
Do not despair, following our advice you will surely be able to fill in the computer skills section in the best way !

Computer skills are part of that group of skills most in-demand in a candidate: they are not essential for every job, but some basic computer skills are important for every type. business trip.

That said, always tell the truth! We will never tire of repeating how important it is! Don’t inflate your computer skills and skills if you don’t really have them! If you have attended a two-hour Photoshop course and then have not touched it again, do not include it among your skills. If you include some IT skills in your CV, you will also need to be able to use them really well, not roughly!

The IT skills in the CV must be entered in a precise and detailed way. If you think you have no IT skills, don’t take everything for granted and include even the most basic things, they may still be required in the job offer you are applying for.

To decide which computer skills to include, reflect on yourself and your skills: what did you learn during school or university? What can you really do? What are the programs you know how to use best? If you apply for a job in the IT field or have a degree in IT, obviously this section will have a markedly different weight than other jobs outside the sector.

If you don’t have clear ideas, you can take inspiration from this list of computer skills to be included in the CV among the most requested in the world of work:

  • Known operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.)
  • Commonly used programs, for example, the Office package
  • The use of e-mail and internet (take it for granted in qualified jobs)
  • Industry-specific software
  • Use of graphics programs
  • Knowledge of programming languages ​​

The computer skills on the Europass CV

If you have chosen to use the curriculum in European format, you will not have to limit yourself to creating a bulleted list of skills, but you will have to insert a discursive part that is not too synthetic, of about 6-7 lines. The idea of ​​having to fill out such a long section with your computer skills might scare you, but it shouldn’t! If you’re an IT expert, you can put in a list of your skills and then formulate it conversationally.

The worst thing to do if you don’t know what to write is to lie. If you really don’t have any computer skills, just delete the section. They could discard you for this, but also no, the important thing is not to make a bad impression. A simple and truthful resume is always better than an inflated one that could make you look bad at a possible interview.

If you really don’t have any computer skills, simply delete the section. They could discard you for this, but also no, the important thing is not to make a bad impression. A synthetic and truthful CV is always better than an inflated one that could make you look bad at a possible interview.

Computer Skills to Put on a Resume in 2020 (List with Tips)

Computer skills and competences

I am able to use the various programs of the Office package, especially Excel and Access that I used for the various activities related to the communication management of the company in which I worked for 5 years. The computer course I attended at the XX Center allowed me to deepen my knowledge of graphics programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom that I use daily to manage the social profiles of XYZ companies.

Useful tips to fill in the computer skills section in the CV

The first piece of advice we can give you is to adapt to the job offer you are applying for. If you have a lot of IT skills, for example, but you are applying for a job to round up, it will not be necessary to enter the whole process of your skills, but enter only the most generic and understandable ones even by those who are not in the sector.

First of all, therefore, you need to make sure you understand the skills required in the particular field of work being sought. This step is incredibly important because each sector has different demands and skills and you will have to decide to highlight some skills over others. Even if you find all your skills interesting, unfortunately, this is often not the case for those who will read your resume.

Enter only and exclusively the skills you really have. If you know how to copy and paste an HTML string copied from the internet, do not mention that you are able to create websites! You could find yourself in serious trouble in the workplace if the opposite were to happen.

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