Curriculum Vitae and Case Study: which one to use and on what occasion? Surely you have happened to ask yourself in what situation it is advisable to use a curriculum vitae and in which instead a portfolio or case study is more appropriate, are we right?

In this article, we will deepen this question: better the CV or the Case Study? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum, and what are the disadvantages and advantages of a case study?

Read on to discover all the strengths of these tools and to decide which is best to use in your situation.

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CV or Case Study?

Let’s start by saying that both are two extremely important tools for promoting yourself in the workplace. They can certainly be compared because they share the same purpose, but it must also be said that the similarities end here.

These tools, even if they have the same purpose, do not look alike, and we must be in able to decide which one to use depending on the situation.

Curriculum vitae and case studies can both be used separately, or together, integrating each other.

But what are the differences between CV and case study? Let’s see them together in detail.

The differences between CV and Case Study

What are the differences between CV and Case Study? The Curriculum Vitae, as we have already seen, is the main tool for the job search. Without a curriculum, you cannot apply! The CV is therefore the most traditional tool to look for work and, even if with the internet and social media the possibilities of making yourself known have multiplied, the curriculum remains the document that you must necessarily have when looking for a job.

The case study, on the other hand, is a more practical tool, which serves to tell and highlight an example of work done, a success story in which we have demonstrated and put our skills into practice.

Of course, the main difference is that we can send a CV without a case study to apply, but we can’t do the opposite, that is, send just the case study.

The case study is in fact incomplete of all the personal information and of a general nature that are contained in the curriculum vitae.

We have written many articles regarding the curriculum vitae, for example how to write a curriculum vitae.

What is the Case Study for?

So, what is a Case Study for? The answer is simple and is to demonstrate our skills with numbers and facts, otherwise demonstrable only in words from the curriculum vitae. It could be project managing or problem solving or any case study of a project that led to the achievement of specific and concrete company objectives.

It is therefore a document capable of documenting our skills and competences. , great for addressing the dreaded question: “What has been the most problematic situation you have faced in your career?”. Here, thanks to the case study you can document everything with numbers, facts and results.

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Why use the case study?

The case study, for sure types of jobs, is to be used together with the curriculum vitae, because it demonstrates our skills with facts and illustrates our work in certain situations. It is also an excellent tool to use when applying for a company, because it allows you to speak in the same corporate language. What are we talking about? Case studies are tools that are used primarily by the companies themselves, so you will certainly enjoy reading a case study of a candidate they are very interested in.

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